21 January 2013


I bet you're tired of all the rumours about Blue Monday and the amount of depression we should be experiencing today...No time for beating around the bush, let's leave the rumblings behind and get to the main point: BLUE POWER. First, the sI CLINICAL products which are no doubt my skin (life) savers. I'm not a beauty expert but having problematic skin, which is mature and prone to spots, can be a nightmare, believe me! sI CLINICAL Active Serum not only helps you fight with pimples but also reduces the wrinkles and rejuvantes the skin dramatically :) It does miracles when all the others products just pretend to be working. The Cleansing Complex is a perfect addition to the treatment.
Second blue magic item for today are these  H&M patterned trousers, manifesting spring hidding just around the corner ;))) 

To sum up, high-spirited Blue hue!

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