26 January 2013


Currently I've been obsessed with these candies. Cream ones from Mango,  a bit Celine like,but much more affordable and great for upcoming spring. Tibi boots are gaining their fame in the blogosphere right now and they are to not be purchased until June. Ultimate duo perfection! Are you digging it ??? Do tell me!


  1. Love the boots!!!!

    I have only recently started my own blog and would love to hear your opinion on it as you have done such a great job with your blog (count me as ur new reader). If you find a spare minute please have a look at it and let me know what you think of it: www.nomadicdiary.com.

    Keep up the great work xx Nicole

  2. I agree the Mango cream heels would be great for spring/summer. I'm searching for a simple pair of heels and those would be great!